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People are always asking whether it is worth it for them to retain the services of an immigration consultant to process their immigration application or case. It is a very reasonable question and why not save money on professional fees and process your application yourself? That is definitely something you may consider when evaluating your options.

1. Obtain all the necessary information relevant to your case and all possible options

Immigration is a very complex legal system that has many different facets which may or may not apply to your case. The number one reason you should hire an immigration consultant is so that you are fully informed about your options and have a thorough understanding about your specific case. A lot of the times, applicants are not even fully informed about all the options that they have available to them. For example, there are several different categories of immigration that lead to Permanent Resident (PR) status. Certain categories work better for others because they may be able to obtain PR status faster or by applying through a process which may not require employer assistance for example.

2. Maximize your chances of success in getting a positive decision on your case or application

By retaining the services of a licensed Immigration Consultant, you can ensure that the professional that is completing your application has the expertise and knowledge to complete your application as comprehensively as possible. It is very common for applications to be refused or sent back for incompletion because the applicant did not include all the necessary documents or did not provide accurate information to reflect their true situation. An Immigration Consultant can ensure that your application is prepared as thoroughly as possible and that it includes supporting documents which are not necessarily on the document checklist, so that you have the highest chances of success.

3. The time you spend on preparing your application may actually end up costing you more than hiring an Immigration Consultant

A lot of the time, when you are preparing your application under an immigration program for Canada, you will realize that it is taking you hours upon hour to prepare the application package. Sometimes people have to take time off work and other obligations to complete their application. At the end of it, you realize that you may spend 10 – 20 hours completing the application and that if you had actually gone to work for those hours, you would have earned more money than what it cost you to hire an immigration consultant. For this reason, it may actually be cheaper for you to hire an immigration consultant as opposed to processing the application yourself.

4. You will not have to worry about additional requests by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Our licensed Immigration Consultants will handle your case from beginning to end. This means that even though we have submitted your application, our job is not done. We will be the official representatives on the application for the entire case until you receive your decision. We will handle all on-going correspondence with IRCC on your behalf, make any additional submissions required throughout the process as well as facilitate in obtaining police checks and medical exams. You already have a lot going on, you can leave the immigration matters to us!

There is a long list of reasons why you should consider hiring an immigration consultant for your case. Be sure to check back to read up on further blogs, articles and posts for additional reasons to hire an immigration consultant.

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