Canadian Experience Class


As one of the possible three Express Entry programs for people seeking to become permanent residences in Canada, the Canadian Experience Class is specifically designed for skilled workers with past experience working within the country.

Similar to other  Express Entry options, the Canadian Experience Class application is completed online, and is designed to be a fast track option for permanent residency. To find out more call Toronto immigration consultant.

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To apply for the Canadian Experience Class, the individual must meet specific minimum entry requirements. This includes working in specific areas as a skilled worker. These areas include jobs in management, as professionals, or in the trades or as a technical worker.

To meet the minimum requirements, applicants must be able to read, write, speak and comprehend the language at the level required by the specific type of skilled job. Applicants are required to pass the approved language tests in these areas. Language tests are valid for two years after the date of testing and must be valid when they are submitted with the application.

In addition, the individual must have worked legally in Canada in a skilled position within three years of the application for the Canadian Experience Class. This work must have been full-time or as a part-time job that meets the requirements.

This experience does not need to be in one job, and it can be in different types of jobs across the various categories as long as they qualify. The essential duties performed in these jobs must meet the requirement of the National Occupation Classification.

Students and those that are self-employed cannot use time worked as part of the fulfillment of this requirement.

There is no specific requirement for education for the Canadian Experience Class. However, education either in Canada or in a foreign country provides additional points that are used to determine the applicant’s rank or standing in the pool for Express Entry applicants.

Documentation to show education can include a degree, certificate, or diploma from a Canadian school or an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) for foreign degrees, certificates, or diplomas.

The Canadian Experience Class is available to those applicants who are legally able to live in Canada. Applicants can live anywhere in the country except for Quebec. Those wishing to apply to work and live in Quebec must complete an application through the province.