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Canada is a primary destination for temporary workers, employing over 150, 000 people annually, to fill the gap left by labour shortages.  A Toronto immigration consultant can help you obtain a work permit so that you may join this labour force and contribute to Canada’s economy, while furthering your own ambitions.  A work permit is needed for most temporary jobs in Canada.  Through a careful assessment of your skills and employment background, our experienced consultants can provide you with a unique solution to fit you in the right occupation.  Our Toronto based office will process the necessary paperwork to ensure that you receive your work permit and can start to work in Canada immediately.

Furthermore, over 180, 000 foreign workers enter Canada to work temporarily as well.  Our Toronto immigration office is based in the heart of the city and we can ensure that you receive a placement as one of these workers.  Our experienced Toronto immigration consultants will work diligently to have your work permit granted as soon as possible so that you may start your employment in Canada quickly.

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Seasonal and temporary workers fill the gaps in labour shortages every year in Canada.  Our Toronto Immigration Consultants can help you secure a work permit in Canada and help you find temporary employment.  Click here to read more…


If you are a private support worker, nurse and/or nanny, we can help you obtain a work permit in Canada so that you may live, work and eventually become a citizen in Canada. Canadian Immigration Services can also get you a work placement.  Click here to read more…


The Federally Skilled Worker (FSW) program in Canada is one of the best programs available.  You may obtain resident status right away as well as have a well paying job.  This means you can sponsor your family sooner.  Let us tell you how.  Click here to read more…