Step by Step Immigration Process

Immigration Consultant Toronto: Step by Step Immigration Process

The immigration process in Canada can either be very difficult and stressful or, it can be very simple and smooth. Being prepared and submitting all of the correct supporting documents for your case, is the key to getting a positive decision on your application. Our immigration consultant Toronto professionals can ensure that you are well prepared for your case. Below is a step by step guide of what you can expect in the immigration process in Canada.

Step 1: Assessment of your case

Before you decide that you are going to apply for any immigration category, you should have a professional assessment done to ensure that you qualify.

Step 2: Sign the Retainer Agreement with your immigration representative

After you have determined that you are eligible and that you wish to hire an immigration consultant Toronto professional, you may sign the retainer agreement with your representative. It will outline the responsibilities of all parties involved as well as any professional fees being charged.

Step 3: Gather your documents

Your Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) should provide you with a list of documents that you will need for your case. Gather all of these documents as thoroughly as you can.

Step 4: Complete the Application Forms

If you have retained a RCIC, he/she can help you complete the application forms for your case. Our RCIC’s process your entire application package in digital format with color copies of all supporting documents.

Step 5: Prepare your Application Package

Once your application forms and supporting documents are fully completed. Your complete application package will be put together in an organized format. Your RCIC will also prepare additional submissions to include your application package, that are relevant in helping you get a positive decision.

Step 6: Submit the Application Package to the responsible Visa office

Just before your application package is submitted you will have to pay the government processing fees (if any). Your RCIC will then submit your application package to the visa office responsible for your immigration category.

Step 7: Ongoing monitoring of your case

All ongoing correspondence for your immigration case will be processed through our office. Our immigration consultant Toronto experts will ensure that your case is processed on time, and that any other required correspondence with CIC is taken care of.

Step 8: Possibility of an Interview

Depending on the visa office to which you are submitting your application, they may or may not required an interview. If one is required, your RCIC will inform you of the details and help you prepare for it.

Step 9: Positive or Negative Decision

You will now receive either a positive or negative decision on your application and/or case. The decision will be sent directly to our office and will be communicated to you by your representative.

Step 10: Issued a Visa or Apply for Appeal if Refused

If you received a positive decision, you will be issued your visa for Canada. You can thank your representative and receive your congratulations as well! If you have received a refusal, you may prepare for an appeal. Appeals usually have very strict timelines and you need to ensure that you do not delay the process.

The immigration process in Canada is very complex and difficult if you do not have knowledge of the relevant immigration law. It is important to always seek advice from a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) so that you can ensure you are getting the all the details that you need to make an informed decision. Our immigration consultant Toronto experts can help you get a positive decision today! Contact us for more information.