Spousal Sponsorship

Immigration Consultant Toronto: Spousal Sponsorship Canada

There are two main ways in which you may sponsor your spouse to become a permanent resident in Canada.

1. In-Land Spousal Sponsorship Application: This is the application that you have to submit if your spouse is currently residing inside Canada with you, and you want to sponsor them to become a permanent resident.

2. Overseas Spousal Sponsorship Application: If your spouse is currently residing outside of Canada, you have to submit the application to sponsor your spouse from outside of Canada.

Regardless of which one of the above two applications you submit, the application process is broken down into two stages:

Step 1: Assessment of the Sponsor – In this step, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will evaluate the eligibility of the sponsor to see if he/she meets the criteria to sponsor the applicant as a member of the family class. Primarily, the assessment of the sponsor consists of:

• Ensuring that he/she has the means to financially support the applicant upon arrival in Canada
• Confirming that the sponsor has not previously signed an Undertaking with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada that he/she did not honour
• Ensuring that the sponsors marriage to the applicant was legitimate and qualifies under the family class category

Step 2: Assessment of the Applicant – In this stage of the process, the applicants eligibility is assessed to determine if he/she meets the criteria to be sponsored as a member of the family class. This assessment primarily consists of evaluating the following:

• Ensuring that the applicant meets the definition of a member of the family class
• Confirming that the marriage to the sponsor was legitimate, legal and recognized in the country in which it took place
• Proving to the assessing officer that the relationship to the sponsor is genuine
• Confirming that the applicant does not have any criminal or medical history which would consider him/her inadmissible to Canada
• Ensuring that the applicant does not otherwise have any bars from entering Canada

Please keep in mind that the above lists pertaining to evaluation of the sponsor and applicant are not exhaustive and there are still many other factors that are considered during the assessment of the application. Our certified Immigration Consultant Toronto professionals can ensure that your case is assessed thoroughly so that you meet the requirements of the sponsorship program.

Recent changes to immigration legislation impacting spousal sponsorship

As of August 1st, 2014, Citizenship and Immigration Canada have changed their definition of a dependent child for its immigration programs. Previously, a child under the age of 22 could be considered a dependent child, as long as the application was received by CIC during the time that the child was still under 22. Now, as per the new rule, the age of a dependent child has been decreased to 19 years old. This means that, a child is considered a dependent, in the eyes of CIC, from the ages of 18 and under. Also, keep in mind that age that will be considered is from when the CIC actually receives the physical application in their office.

In the event that the child passes 18 years of age during the application processing period, the child will still be considered a dependent and may accompany the applicant to Canada under the family sponsorship program. Our Immigration Consultant Toronto experts will ensure that you have all the most recent and updated information regarding your case and help you throughout the entire process.

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