If you are a student that is currently enrolled in an educational institution in Canada, you may be eligible to work in Canada without a study permit. You may be eligible to work on the campus of the institution that you are studying at without a work permit if:

  1. You are a full time student at a post secondary institution, a private post secondary institution or a Canadian private institution authorized by provincial statute to confer degrees and;
  2. You have a valid study permit

If you meet the above conditions you will not need to obtain a work permit to work on the campus of the institution in which you are enrolled.  Our Toronto immigration consultants can provide you with a free consultation to carefully assess your situation and advise you regarding your status.

Even if you do not meet the above requirements you may still obtain a work permit and work while you are a student in Canada.  There are certain requirements that must be met for you to obtain a work permit while studying in Canada.  Our Toronto immigration consultants can help you obtain the necessary immigration documents that you need so that you may legally work in Canada while you are studying.  By doing this you may gain valuable work experience which will prove to be an asset should you decide to apply for full time jobs in Canada after you have completed your education curriculum.


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