As more and more people look towards Canada as an ideal location to visit, questions arise as to the true costs of applying for a Canada visit Visa. Unlike the permanent residency Visa, the Canada visit visa only allows you to stay in Canada for a few months whether you are going as a tourist, a visiting relative or even on business. There are several layers of payments depending on the nature of your visit and it is important to first understand what each visit Visa entails before making your decision.

Applying For A Tourist Visa To Canada

Canada is an ideal tourist destination and its appealing climate and attractions have seen millions of people visiting Canada each year. However, there is a general misconception that getting a Canadian tourist Visa is difficult and this is mainly due to how hard it is to get an American Visa. In comparison, travelling to Canada as a tourist is quite easy and the costs are also very manageable.

For a tourist Visa the applicant has to apply for the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and the specific one for tourists is called the Tourist Visa for Canada. The first step in applying for the Tourist Visa for Canada is to first check your eligibility for entry. There are some few countries such as United States of America, Japan and even France, whose citizens don’t require a Visa to enter Canada as tourists. However, they must declare at the port of entry what their intentions in Canada are and what their duration of stay would be. However, for most other countries eligibility for a Tourist Visa should include a declaration letter from you to the government in Canada you intend to tour, all other Visa documentations, a bank statement to prove your financial eligibility to visit Canada, etc.

The application fee for a tourist Visa in Canada is about CAD $100, however, if you have to submit biometrics, you will have to add an additional CAD $85, bringing the total to CAD $185. If you wish to extend your stay beyond the period allowed in your Visa, you will need to add CAD $100 per person. There is also an additional passport processing fee of CAD $45, for countries whose visitors don’t qualify for express entry.

Costs While Visiting Canada As A Parent Or Grandparent

When visiting Canada as a parent or grandparent, a different cadre of fees applies, and usually, these fees are paid by the relative staying in Canada who will act as the sponsor to the person visiting. A standard sponsorship fee of CAD $75) plus an additional principal applicant processing fee of CAD $490 applies. Usually, if the person residing in Canada is a permanent residence then there is an additional fee of CAD$515. This comes to a total of about CAD $ 1080.

If one wishes to waive the right of permanent resident fees, then the total would come to CAD$ 565 which comprises the Sponsorship fee of CAD$75 and principal applicant processing fee of CAD$490. In most cases, parents and grandparents would like to be accompanied by their spouses and therefore the costs go higher to about CAD $1085. This is a summation of the processing fee of CAD $570 and the right of permanent residence fee of CAD 515. You can still choose to waive the right to of permanent resident fee and therefore you would only pay the CAD $515 processing fee.

Visiting Canada for Business

Since Canada offers an ideal business climate, many entrepreneurs come to Canada either as Self-employed people or seeking start-up Visas. The permanent residence application fee is CAD $1540, which comprises a processing fee of CAD $1050 and a permanent residence fee of CAD $ 490. If the applicant seeks to visit Canada on business with a spouse, then the application fee including right of permanent residence comes to CAD$1040 per person.

In some instances, an applicant may wish to come to Canada as a skilled worker and though this is categorized separately from business travelers and investors, they still require a different visa from a Temporary Resident Visa. An Economic Immigration application fee of CAD $1040 is required which includes the processing fee of CAD $550 and a permanent residency fee of CAD $490. If an employee is sending employees to work in Canada on a temporary Visa, then an employer compliance fee of CAD $230 will be charged per person. This fee normally comes up for groups of performers or entertainers, though in most cases, employees choose to travel as business travelers and therefore are not required to pay the employer compliance fee.

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Other Factors To Consider

Additional fees may apply if the traveler is visiting with a dependent either on business, to visit a relative or even as a tourist. A sponsorship including a child of the parent or grandparent will attract a fee of CAD $150 per child. This comprises of the sponsorship fee of CAD $75 and a processing fee of CAD $75. Other costs such as travelling to the Visa application center may also apply but these are not part of the fee schedules for Canadian Visa applications.

The right of permanent resident fee is non refundable, but you can be issued with a refund if the Canadian government refuses your permanent residency application or if you choose to withdraw it.

In conclusion, visiting Canada either as a tourist, for business or simply to visit your child or grandchild offers tremendous opportunity at interacting with the friendly climate and people of Canada. The Visa application fees are affordable and the time period usually depends on the nature of your visit, and can sometimes be upon the discretion of the border service officers. Typically, most temporary visit Visas don’t extend beyond 6 months. Overall, you should make sure you have all your eligibility documents ready and your finances are in order since this is an important prerequisite before your application can be approved.  Contact experienced immigration consultant in Toronto.