The Process Of Applying For Permanent Residence

How To Complete The Process Of Applying For Permanent Residence Through Express Entry.

After submitting your profile, the system will place you in a pool. If you are selected based on your ranking, you will receive an invitation for Express Entry through your account. This invitation is only valid for a limited time (60 days), and it is critical to have all documentation required ready to avoid delays and possible expiration of the invitation.

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Getting Started with the Application

Ideally, during the period your profile is in the pool, work on preparing and having documents ready to complete the invitation within the 60 days. The online form to apply is found through your account.

When completing the form, it is essential to make sure all information is accurate, truthful, and contains all the required information. The form cannot be submitted if fields that are mandatory to complete are not filled in.

The form can be saved if needed, allowing the applicant to continue on, make changes, or to review the information before the final submission.

What You Need

Documents and information that is not in written English or French must be translated by a certified translator, and his or her registration number or stamp or certification must be on the form. The translator, if not certified, can provide a written affidavit or the authenticity of the translation. The uploaded version should be a certified photocopy of the original.

Be sure all documents are valid and current, including passports, educational certifications, and language test results. If any information will expire within six months of the application date, be sure to new the documentation and update your profile.

Check all documents and make sure they are available in an acceptable format. In most cases, documents can be scanned using a computer, or a camera can be used to take photos for submission.

Payment for Express Entry

At the time of completion and submission of the application, the applicant will be prompted to provide the fees for processing, permanent resident fee, and a biometrics fee. This can be paid using a credit or debit card. If the application is not complete, all fees, except the processing fee, will be refunded to the payment method. These fees are required for all individuals on the application.

Biometric fees are used to cover the cost of creating a permanent resident card. This includes fingerprints and digital photos, and this process can be completed after you receive a letter of confirmation. The process of fingerprinting and photographing can be done at a specified Service Canada location. These locations are both in Canada as well as in other countries.

All information about your application, including the status, is available through your online account. This can also include requests for additional documentation or to schedule an interview, so it is important to respond to any messages. The final decision on your application will be provided through your account.

The next steps in the process will be provided with the acceptance notification. It is critical to complete all steps within the timelines provided. Most applications are processed for Express Entry within six months of the completed application being received.

Making Changes or Revisions After Submitting the Application

There are several reasons why an individual may need to revise their application during the process. This can occur if your contact information changes, if there are changes to your family such as marriages, divorces, births or deaths, or if you have changes in your employment, language tests, or your educational status.

Application Denials or Rejections

In the event the application is rejected or refused, the applicant may be eligible for application in the future. This requires the entire process to be repeated, including creating an Express Entry profile, ensuring all criteria are met, and gaining acceptance into the pool.