The Express Entry Option

Skilled workers can utilize the Express Entry option to obtain permanent residence in Canada. There are specific criteria the worker must meet to be eligible for this process.

Each of the programs through the Express Entry option have different requirements, and it is essential to ensure you meet the minimum eligibility for the program. There are questions that can be used to judge eligibility, with immigration consultants able to provide further assistance.

Documentation Requirements

As with all immigration applications, individuals using the Express Entry process will need to have documentation. This is an online application, and there are different documents required at various stages in the process.

In general, individuals applying through Express Entry will be required to upload passports, police certificates, medical documents, results from the language tests, and educational records (if applicable).

This forms your profile for Express Entry. Based on this information, the applicant is ranked through a system that uses points, with those with the highest number of points in the pool receiving invitations to complete the process to become permanent residents of Canada

This is designed to be a fast process, and those receiving invitations have 60 days to complete and submit the documentation and application for permanent residence. In most cases, complete applications are processed within six months.